Henna Paradise – Indulge in The Beauty

Who said you could not get the lovely and alluring henna done on your big days, while in Brisbane? They must have surely not heard about the best henna service providers in the town. Located at 31/91 Ash ridge road, Darra, Qld, 4076, we are a home based studio. It is a growing business, yet we are too popular to be overlooked. Without any doubt, we take pride in the fact that we deliver quality at lowest possible rates. By providing exceptional service, we have been able to quickly accentuate attention on the masses of the town.

Our experts have inherited art:

The team that applies mind-blowing henna at Henna Paradise belongs to India, the hub of henna. The professionals create such beautiful designs that you cannot even think of them. In addition, the henna designs are not at all conventional, rather trendy and up to the fashion these days. In addition, the products that we use are imported from India, so bright color is guaranteed.


We provide quality, as our professionals believe in delivering the best. They work with precision and neatness; you will not ever find anyone complaining about the design. Before the application of henna, our professionals talk to the clients and register their requirement, this helps in getting the things done in the best possible way.

Our services:

We are always ready to help you in making your big days more worthwhile. You can book your dates with us for weddings, birthdays, special festivals, anniversaries, baby shower, bridal shower, school events, charity events and lot more.

We live up to your expectations – you want a henna tattoo on your neck, or belly? You get whatever you requirement is – we help you select the sexiest possible design and replicate the exact wherever you want. Do not forget, all this is done of very feasible and pocket friendly rates. Usually the price varies according to the pattern you want, but everything is negotiable, especially when we get bulk bookings.


To your surprise, we come to your doorstep and provide our services as well. However, travelling charges are counted as your expense. In order to acquire home services, you need to book your dates at least a week before. We might not be able to cater short deadline bookings, because we are almost all the time packed with bookings, so get your dates first.

Truly, the occasions seem so dry and dull without beautiful henna patterns, so do not miss the chance of getting your hands filled with lovely henna, and let your occasions get the feel. We offer various packages based on varying needs, so call us and discuss your requirement, we will not let you down.

Feel free to contact us and discuss your concern regarding the upcoming event – if you are interested in viewing our professionals work, you can check out the gallery tab on our website and flaunt yourself with some of the beautiful henna patterns and designs.

For more details, please contact at – Email: hennaparadisebrisbane@gmail.com / saralaits4u@gmail.com, or visit our website at www.hennaparadise.com

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