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What is henna?

Henna Paradise provides the most traditional henna services in Brisbane. You can get your needs of henna application satisfied and strengthen ties with tradition and culture. Henna and its application has been an integral part of the sub-continental and Middle Eastern Cultures which has still not lost its importance. Henna application is linked to feminism, happiness and celebration. It enhances the intensity of your pleasure and makes your celebratory moments even more memorable. Henna is a natural ingredient which makes its application more promising and appealing.


Henna is widely used leaf extract for skin staining in India. It hold strategic in various Indian culture and religions. India is one large consumer of henna for various uses and especially for skin staining or impressions. Henna is a natural ingredient used for body art. Whole henna leaves would in no way stain the skin. Henna itself would also not leave marks or stain the skin until lawsone molecules are released from the leaves. There is an acidic liquid needed with which henna leaves are mashed in order for it to stain the skin. Henna powder is mixed with acidic liquids and made into a paste which is applied to make body art. The paste cannot be used immediately after it has been made. It needs up to 24 hours for it to settle and actually work for body art. Tea tree, lavender and Eucalyptus are a few essential oils that help in better staining of the skin with henna. There have been many traditional and innovative tools from which the henna paste is applied on to the skin to make patterns and designs. Cone, syringe, Jac bottle and even figures are used for applying henna and staining skin. The intensity and darkness of the stain would be in relevance to the time the henna paste stayed on to the skin. The longer the paste is left on the skin the darker would be the stain, leaving a very deep color.

At Henna Paradise we understand your specifications and requirements. We have pre-created designs for all events such as Weddings, Parties, Mothering Celebrations, Baby Showers, Eid, Mehndi events etc. Not all events ask for the same type of Henna application and designs. We would provide you the most satisfying service according to the event. You can even suggest your own designs that you want or modify the existing designs. Professionals at Henna Paradise manage to completely understand your requirement and will provide you with the most satisfying henna application service that too at very reasonable rates.


Along with our individual services we also provide group services for events such as Weddings, Mehndi etc. All the packages have been priced very reasonably which would enhance your satisfaction. We use the safest natural henna that is not way harmful for the skin. Our customers are our pride and a part of our family who we serve with the best service quality. Henna Paradise promises to provide you the best Henna service in Brisbane which would make you come closer to your traditions and culture.

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